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Top 5 canine companions that love the outdoors more than others

Different dog breeds

1. Border Collie

Border Collie

Border Collies are the quintessential dog of the countryside. Extremely intelligent, they are often used as working dogs on farms and ranches. They are also very easily trained, and are quick to learn commands.

However with great energy comes great responsibility. With a constant working drive, Border Collies don’t do well inside all day, especially as puppies, where their energy can be channelled into somewhat destructive behaviour. A strong herding instinct can also sometimes be an issue, as an ill-trained Border Collie may ignore commands if they see farm animals, causing issues for both you and the farmer.

Given that effort is put into training Border Collies, they are a fantastic companion. Loving the outdoors nearly as much as you, they are the perfect companion to take for strolls, hikes, and... A first date? ;)

2. The Australian Kelpie


Speaking of energy, this breed can almost run rings around itself! Like the Border Collie, Kelpies are intelligent and easy to train dogs making them good-tempered and good pets.

However they have a tendency for disruptive and destructive behaviour if not physically and mentally stimulated. Their strong herding tendency also means that recall and following of commands is very important.

Super agile, the Kelpie is a great option for a person or couple who loves to go off-roading and explore whatever nature puts in front of them.

3. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Hailing from Scotland originally, the Golden Retriever is a very friendly and popular breed of dog. Given that they can be used as both a companion dog (think regular house dog), and a working dog, particularly as a gun dog, they give owners the best of both worlds.

Golden Retrievers have a double coat, meaning they are protected from the heat and the cold. Protection from all weather types comes at a cost however, as the Golden Retriever has a reputation of shedding. The shedding is predominantly from the undercoat, as they prepare for the warmer and cooler months.

With natural vigour and protection from the elements, a Golden Retriever is a great choice for exploring the great outdoors with.

4. English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is a smaller option than the previous breeds on the list, but by no means is it any less of a doggy companion! Intelligent and with excellent stamina, the English Springer Spaniel won’t stop until you’re ready to. Great for those long, winding walks in the countryside.

The English Springer Spaniel does have a very strong hunting instinct however, so a strong lead is a must. They may also not be suitable for homes with other smaller animals, such as cats, rabbits and Guinea Pigs, due to their strong hunting instinct.

A loyal and loving dog, you may find that they become your shadow, never wanting to leave your side and being your constant companion. Possibly a great example to your prospective partners?

5. Jack Russell Terrier

The smallest, but certainly not the least, breed on the list is the Jack Russell Terrier, commonly referred to as the Jack Russell. Very energetic, Jack Russells are commonly used as working dogs, primarily for hunting. Jack Russell Terrier

Given the Jack Russells small stature, you may think that they would do well in small houses or apartments. You’d be mistaken however, as the Jack Russell needs copious amounts of exercise to burn off that excess energy… hence the ideal companion for a rural liver.

Although they can be initially stubborn, once trained, Jack Russells can become very obedient. A great little buddy to accompany you on your adventures, they have the energy for the long walks matched with the cuteness to impress on your next outdoor date.

Bonus dogs

French Bulldog x Boston Terrier

Really, whilst some dogs are better suited to long walks and the outdoors than others, any dog is a great companion if they are given the right conditions to do so. Plus, dogs are commonly known as a great judge of character, so another possible tool at your disposal when meeting someone for the first time.

Choose a safe area for your walk, hike or date, bring along your dog (and equipment that may be needed… or strength for the possibility of having to carry your less athletic breed!), and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors!

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